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SpinCore iSpin-NMR:

Probe and Magnet Setup

    The following photos will illustrate, step-by-step, the initial setup of the iSpin-NMR system with a SpinCore magnet and probe.

Probe Setup
1. Unpack the probe
2. Attach the horizontal probe mount
3. Probe assembled
4. Attach the RF probe cable
5. Probe with RF cable assembled

Magnet Setup
6. Unpack magnet and base.  Place the base on a sturdy surface, with the grooved side facing up.
7. Place the magnet on top of the base with the SpinCore label and depth gauge facing you.
8. Gently insert the assembled probe.  Avoid scratching the surface of the magnet poles.
9. Tighten the screws to fasten the bracket on to the magnet.

Transmit/Receive Switch Setup
10. Connect the RF probe cable to the "To Probe" BNC connector on the three-port T/R diode box.
11. Connect Tx cable (lambda/4).
12. Attach the second, two-port cross-diode box to the "NMR Signal In" BNC connector of the iSpin-NMR system console.
13. Connect the second lambda/4 cable.
14. Assembled probe and T/R switch.

Sample Setup
15. Prepare the NMR sample tube for insertion into the probe.  Use the depth gauge on the face of the magnet to adjust for the correct placement of the sample in the probe.
16. Gently insert the sample into the probe.
17. Assembled system with sample.  Ready for NMR experiments.


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