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Implementation Of Modulation Techniques on SpinCore PulseBlasterDDS and RadioProcessor Boards


    SpinCore's PulseBlasterDDS and RadioProcessor boards can be used to perform a variety of signal modulation techniques. Signal modulation allows for one signal to be transmitted using another signal. This procedure is useful because some signals cannot physically be transferred over certain media. The original signal  is referred to as the modulating signal, and the signal that it is packed inside of is referred to as the carrier. Signal modulation is used for everyday applications such as FM & AM radio, ethernet communications, and HDTV.

    These pages show how to implement a wide variety of signal modulation techniques on PulseBlasterDDS and RadioProcessor boards. They also show the use of these boards to generate carriers of various shapes that could be used in NMR experiments.

    The modulation techniques are further explained in the sections given below. For more details, please click on the appropriate technique.

Modulation Techniques:

1. Analog Modulation
2. Digital Modulation
3. Pulse Modulation

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