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NMR Permanent Magnets

The NMR permanent magnets come in multiple models, each with unique specifications and dimensions as illustrated in the chart below. Models 1 - 4 are enclosed in a 4 sided shell as depicted in the picture above. Model 5 is enclosed in a C-shaped shell.

Model Pole face diameter (D) Air gap (d) Typical Field StrengthTypical Field UniformitySize (L x W x H)Weight
Model 3
100 mm 20 mm 0.51 T10-4130 x 126 x 169 mm315 kg
Model 4S
140 mm 30 mm 0.35 T10-4170 x 155 x 210 mm325 kg
Model 500
500 mm 120 mm 0.275 T10-4410 x 630 x 600 mm3 620 kg

Models and Ordering Information

To inquire about the availability and pricing of our NMR-Permanent-Magnents, please use our Contact Form.


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