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SpinAPI: SpinCore API and Driver Suite

SpinAPI is SpinCore Technologies, Inc.'s Application Programming Interface (API) package for SpinCore products. The package contains the most up-to-date versions of the device drivers. The SpinAPI C functions, C example programs, and the graphical PulseBlaster Interpreter (with its own set of example programs) can also be downloaded seperately. Windows, Linux, and Apple / Mac OS X versions are all available, however the Windows version is typically the most up-to-date.  NOTE: Pre-complied packages contain executable programs, there is no need to compile the individual files unless custom modifications are sought.  NOTE: Older ISA boards and older USB devices (v1) are not supported at this time. 

Note:  This software is provided as is.




Apple / Mac OS X

Thanks to the efforts of our customer Dr. Tom Pratum of Western Washington University, we are now able to offer the SpinAPI package with Mac OS X support!

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