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SpinCore iSpin-NMR:

Single-Pulse NMR Guide

Note: Before adjusting the following parameters, check that the Spectrometer Frequency is correct for your system and experiment. This step is crucial and could damage your system if not checked properly. In addition, check that the Pulse Time is around the correct values for your experiment. The optimum value can be found later, but the initial parameter should be reasonably close.

Step 1) Adjust Spectral Width

Figure 1: Spectral Width - Too Wide

Figure 2: Spectral Width - Too Narrow

Figure 3: Spectral Width - Optimal

Step 2) Adjust Number of Points
(Must be a power of 2, i.e. 128, 256, 512, ...)

Figure 4: Number of Points - Too Big

Figure 5: Number of Points - Too Small

Figure 6: Number of Points - Good

Step 3) Adjust to on Phase (Should start with the highest positive value)

Figure 7: Off Phase

Figure 8: 0-Degree Phase (Off Phase)

Figure 9: 270-Degree Phase (Off Phase)