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RadioProcessorTM USB Power Supply


The RadioProcessorTMUSB Power Supply converts a 12 V (nominal) DC input supply voltage into three regulated voltages, +5V/2A, +6V/1A, and -6V/0.2A, as required by the RadioProcessorTMUSB board.

This power supply board is a triple DC/DC voltage conversion circuit design that utilizes switch-mode technology to achieve high power conversion efficiency and thus decrease the operating temperature.  It has a wide input voltage range of 7.5 V - 16 V.

The 4-pin input connector is compatible with the standard, dual 12 V and 5 V PC power supply connector.  Please see the manual for more details.

The 6-pin output connector is pin-compatible with the power connector of RadioProcessorUSB boards, facilitating a simple 1:1 cable connection between boards.

The physical size of the board is approximately 5 cm by 10 cm.

Product Manual

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