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SMA-BNC Adapter Board

adapter board

The SMA-BNC Adapter Board is an easy solution to provide access to four additional output signals from the back panel of your computer.  For use with your PulseBlasterESR-PRO SP18A board, add two SMA-BNC Adapter Boards for accessing SMA flag bits 4 through 11. For use with your PulseBlasterESR-PRO SP4B board, add three SMA-BNC Adapter Boards for accessing IDC header flag bits 0 through 11.

SMA-SMA or SMA-IDC cables are available upon request.

IDC to BNC Adapter Set-Up
As mentioned in the PulseBlaster and PulseBlasterESR-PRO manuals in their "Related Products and Accessories" sections, this board may be used as part of a larger set-up to provide four additional BNC outputs via the IDC headers on the PulseBlaster and PulseBlasterESR-PRO boards.  This package consists of three components, designed to provide these four additional BNC output signals from a bracket in the back of your computer.  It contains an IDC-MMCX adapter board (SP32), four MMCX-SMA cables, and an SMA-BNC adapter board (SP29P). 

For your convenience, these may be purchased together online as a single package, using the following "Buy Now" button:

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