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PulseBlasterUSB Rackmount: Portable, Programmable TTL Pulse Generator / Digital Word Generator and Timing Engine


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PulseBlasterUSB Rackmount is a rack-mountable or stand-alone programmable digital pulse (TTL levels), pattern, and word generator. The system has all of the features of our standard PulseBlasterUSB in an easier to use enclosure. It is plug-and-play, controlled via USB, and includes an internal power supply (universal A/C input, 100-240 V). USB drivers and C software for Windows XP and Linux are included, enabling the generation of complex pulse and pattern sequences for NMR, MRI,  ultrasound, mass spectrometry, and related resonance and test technologies.

  • 24 individually controlled digital output lines (TTL levels) accessable from the front panel
  • variable pulses/delays for every output line
  • pulses ranging from  50 ns to over one week per interval with constant pulse resolution of 10 ns
  • 25 mA output current per channel
  • up to 4k pulse/pattern program memory words
  • advanced pulse program flow control
  • nested loops, up to 8 levels
  • 20-bit loop counters (over 1 million repetitions at a time)
  • subroutines
  • "wait for event" function
  • high maximum retriggering frequency (above 1 MHz).
  • 2U Rackmount enclosure; 48.26 cm x 27.94 cm x 8.89 cm (WxDxH)
  • weight 6 kg.


Complex, high-speed, multi-channel pulse, pattern, and word generation. Customers’ applications have included

  • Experiment and process control in Electron, Nuclear and Quadrupole Resonances (ESR, NMR, NQR)
  • Mass Spectrometry and related test technologies
  • Ultrasound, radar, medical imaging
  • Laser control in advanced communication
  • Solid state physics experiments
  • Nanomagnetism and spintronics applications
  • Robotics and process synchronization
  • Complex Pattern Generation

Models and Ordering Information

Model Number of  Channels Pulse Resolution Shortest Pulse Memory Words
PBUSB-RM-24-100-4k  24  10 ns  50 ns  4k

To inquire about the availability and pricing of the PulseBlasterUSB system, please use our Contact Form.

Product Manuals

Free Software Support

  • Available as a part of the SpinAPI Package:
    • Example programs (executables and C source files)
    • PulseBlaster Interpreter for easy programming without writing C code
  • The SpinAPI package available for download on the Software Downloads page.
  • Interfaces and examples - PBInterpreter, PulseBlaster.NET, LabView, Matlab.

Warranty Information

  • Standard warranty  - two years
  • Longer warranty periods available 
  • Money-back guarantee – 30 days.

Additional Information


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