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IDC-MMCX Adapter Board

adapter board

adapter board

The IDC-MMCX Adapter Boards come in two models which are compatible with different boards, allowing easy access to their individual output flags. These boards plug directly into the IDC connectors on compatible boards. MMCX-SMA cables are available upon request. These can be combined with our SMA-BNC Adapter Boards. Please reference the chart for complete information.

Model Compatible Boards Number of MMCX Jacks Order
SP31 PulseBlaster USB 24

SP32 PulseBlasterPCI, PulseBlasterESR-PRO Series, PulseBlasterDDS-II USB, PulseBlaster DualCore 12

IDC to BNC Adapter Set-Up

As mentioned in the PulseBlaster and PulseBlasterESR-PRO manuals in their "Related Products and Accessories" sections, this board may be used as part of a larger set-up to provide four additional BNC outputs via the IDC headers on the PulseBlaster and PulseBlasterESR-PRO boards.  This package consists of three components, designed to provide these four additional BNC output signals from a bracket in the back of your computer.  It contains an IDC-MMCX adapter board (SP32), four MMCX-SMA cables, and an SMA-BNC adapter board (SP29P).

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