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Pulse and Digital Word Generation

PulseBlasterTM -- The powerful, intelligent TTL pulse, pattern, word generator. Up to 24 independently controlled bits/channels (25 mA per channel); variable update rate; pulses/delays from 50 ns to nearly 2 years per instruction; resolution up to 10 ns (100 MHz system clock); up to 64k pulse/pattern program memory words (80 bit VLIW architecture). The entire logic design is contained in a single silicon chip, qualifying it as a system-on-a-chip (SOC) design – the industry’s first and only design of this kind.

PulseBlasterESR -- The high speed, high-performance version of the PulseBlaster - versatile 24 channel pulse/pattern/word generator operating at clock speeds of up to 200 MHz. At 200 MHz, the PulseBlasterESR is capable of generating pulses/delays/intervals down to 25 ns per instruction.

PulseBlasterESR-PRO -- At 500 MHz, the PulseBlasterESR-PRO is capable of generating pulses/delays/intervals ranging from 2.0 ns to 104 days per instruction, with a constant resolution of 2.0 ns.

PulseBlasterESR-PRO-II -- This special, high-speed design operates with a single-clock instruction time, allowing to output data at full clock speed. The design is ideal for applications requiring both short pulses and short gaps between pulses. Customized versions of this design are available.

500 MHz PulseBlasterESR MultiCore 8M Series -- NEW!
The 500 MHz PulseBlasterESR MultiCore 8MTM series utilizes multiple PulseBlaster Cores implemented on a new series of PulseBlasterESR PCI boards. The MultiCore designs uses multiple proprietary PulseBlaster processor cores, specially designed for MultiCore operation on a single chip. These new designs allows the user to program and run independent programs on each core, up to 8388608 (8M) instructions in total, in parallel, while maintaining precise timing synchronization between the cores. At 500 MHz, these designs allow for 2.0 ns timing resolution.

PulseBlasterESR-PRO-cPCI -- The Compact-PCI version of the PulseBlasterESR-PRO product line. PBESR-PRO-cPCI is a high speed, high-performance, versatile, 24-channel digital pulse, pattern, word generator operating at clock frequencies of up to 200 MHz. At 200 MHz, the PBESR-PRO-cPCI is capable of generating pulses/delays/intervals down to 5.0 ns per instruction, with a constant resolution of 5.0 ns. The output lines are impedance matched to 50 ohms.



PulseBlasterUSB!TM -- The portable, stand-alone, version of the PulseBlaster. The system features 24 output channels, 100 MHz clock frequency, and 4k memory words. The system is plug-and-play, controlled via USB, and includes an internal universal power supply. USB drivers and software for Windows are included, enabling the generation of complex pulse and pattern sequences for NMR, MRI, and related resonance and test technologies. Bare USB boards are also available.

RF and Arbitrary Waveform Generation

PulseBlasterDDS -- The PulseBlasterDDS builds on the high performance PulseBlaster pulse pattern generator. The PulseBlasterDDS line of boards adds RF analog outputs. PCI and USB boards are available for agile RF, arbitrary waveform, and TTL pulse generation.

RF_Pulse Sinc_Pulse Sinc_RF



PulseBlasterDDS-I-300 -- Equipped with one high frequency RF output channel available for agile pulse generation that is fully synchronized with the digital output channels. The PulseBlasterDDS-I-300 offers programmable frequency, phase, and amplitude registers as well as an arbitrary waveform generator. DAC frequencies up to 300MHz. USB version.



PulseBlasterDDS-II-300-AWG -- Equipped with two independent high frequency RF output channels available for agile pulse generation that are fully synchronized with the digital output channels. Each channel has its own programmable frequency, phase, and amplitude registers as well as its own arbitrary waveform generator. Also includes new interrupt functionality that allows for different operations when the interrupts are triggered.
PulseBlasterDDS-IV-1000 -- NEW! -- Equipped with two pairs of high frequency quadrature RF outputs generated by two independent DDS cores. At a sampling rate of 1 GHz, the PulseBlasterDDS-IV-1000 can generate RF signals up to 400 MHz! The quadrature output pairs allow for seamless interfacing to analog quadrature modulators. Each data core has its own programmable frequency and amplitude registers. Includes interrupt functionality, hardware and software triggers, and a USB interface.
PulseWave2D-300 -- NEW! -- Equipped with two independent RF outputs generated by two independent AWG cores, each with its own sequence table. Offers output resolution of 12 bits at 300 MSPS, with up to 8190 samples per wave. Includes hardware and software triggering support, and a USB interface.

RF Signal Acquisition, Detection, and Processing


RadioProcessorTM -- The general purpose, broadband, radio frequency (RF) excitation and data acquisition system. The RadioProcessor™ can serve as a complete system console for Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) or Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance (NQR).

This unique digital system is available as a USB board, providing users with a compelling price/size/performance proposition unmatched by any other device on the market today.


RadioProcessor-GTM -- NEW! -- Featuring three gradient voltage outputs in addition to the extensive capabilities of the original RadioProcessor, the RadioProcessor-G is a groundbreaking design that can serve as a complete system-on-chip solution for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) applications in gradient enhanced spectroscopy and diffusion measurements, and Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance (NQR).

Mobile NMR Systems

iSpin 2U Rackmount
iSpin-NMRTM -- SpinCore's complete personal NMR system. Built around the RadioProcessor board and SpinCore's NMR software, once connected to a probe the iSpin-NMR is instantly ready to perform NMR experiments.


NMR Permanent Magnets -- Permanent magnets to complement the iSpin-NMR system. Several models available.

RF Power Amplifiers and Auxiliary Equipment

Power Amplifier
RF Power Amplifiers -- Very compact broadband 10-Watt. 15-Watt, and 100-Watt power amplifiers. Available in several different versions, including a blanking/enabling circuitry.

SMA-BNC Adapter Board

SMA-BNC Adapter Board -- NEW! This adapter board is an easy solution to provide access to four additional output signals from the back panel of your computer.

IDC-MMCX Adapter Board -- NEW! This adapter board provides an easy solution to accessing the 12 or 24 output signals from a variety of boards.
SpinCore TTL Line Driver
SpinCore TTL Line Driver -- NEW! Equipped with four input channels and 8 output lines, the Spincore TTL Line Driver is able to assure TTL levels over 50 Ohm loads. The SpinCore TTL Line Driver is the perfect tool to work with any TTL control applications.
USB-PTS Interface -- The USB-PTS device is available for the remote control of PTS frequency synthesizers via USB with easy to use Graphical User Interface. Simply attach the USB cable and connect the USB-PTS device to the "Remote Control" input on your PTS device and you are ready to go! No bulky ribbon cables, no additional interface adapter boards inside your computer - just one USB cable.
RadioProcessorTM USB Power Supply converts a 12V power supply into a highly regulated +5V/2A, +6V/1A, -6V/0.2A with a low ripple factor as required by our RadioProcessorTMUSB board.
PulseBlaster Interface Cable -- This parallel port cable with mounting bracket is an easy solution to interfacing your PulseBlaster or RadioProcessor boards with any application.  The external port is a standard DB25-F Parallel port that mounts on your computer case for easy access to 12 of your boards TTL bits.  Add 2 for the PulseBlaster's full 24-bit TTL output.

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